Rest In Peace
March 21, 1988 - July 19, 2010

Michael Klymman was born in Reno, NV on March 21, 1988. Michael died July 19, 2010 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Reno, NV. Michael entered into the lives of Zachary and Diana (Dee) Klymman of Cold Springs, Reno, NV at the age of Seven and a half months. Michael was a victim of Shaken-Baby -Syndrome. Michael suffered sever brain damage and Cerebral Palsy, he was a quadriplegic and lost the vision in his left eye. Although his life was cut short by the different effects and traumas put upon his body due to the Shaken-Baby-Syndrome he had far reaching effects into the community. He was the poster-child for the effects of Shaken-Baby-Syndrome. Even though his life was short his legacy will live on as his mother Dee Klymman carries the torch forward to educate the community to "Never Shake A Baby".

He attended school in the greater Reno School District and graduated from Marvin Picollo School on June 10, 2010. Michael had a warm infectious smile and loved the people who shared his life. He loved watching TV and listening to music, pretty girls, his teachers, going to church, family and friends. He has taught us much in his all too short life and all of our lives are far richer for having known him. He will be greatly missed.

Michael is survived by his Parents Zachary and Diana (Dee) Klymman, brother David and his son Jeffery, his sisters Adina and her husband Rodney Galvin and their three children Nadia, Kaylin, Tristan and his younger sister Markeeda, Grandmother Dorothy Scott of Prineville, Oregon and various Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

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Michael and Dee Klymman [image]

Part of Dee Klymman’s work is educating social workers, medical professionals, teenagers and foster parents on Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Anyone who would like the Klymmans to give a presentation, or would like to help in their advocacy against SBS can contact Dee Klymman at

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Michael as a baby [image]

Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is a form of child abuse that occurs when an abuser violently shakes an infant or small child, creating a whiplash-type motion that causes acceleration-deceleration injuries.

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Despite suffering traumatic brain injuries caused by violent shaking when he was a baby - that has left him severely physically disabled and totally dependent on health care workers — Michael has miraculously survived several medical complications throughout his life.